World business news 20.08-26.08

Zing Data hopes to put data analysis in the palm of your hand with its $2.4M seed funding

If data is at the core of any modern organization, it needs to be simpler for non-experts to access and manipulate. It hasn’t been simple for a person with little experience to deal with data without turning to one of these professionals for assistance, despite the availability of numerous data analysis tools, both the complex data science variety and more line of business-focused BI solutions.

Zing Data’s founders were aware of this fundamental issue with data access, so they set out to create a mobile application that would enable users to access the data on their own.

The business today revealed a $2.4 million seed investment to support the development of that fundamental concept.

”Entrepreneur First” adds the Collison brothers to its list of investors after raising $158 million at a valuation of $560 million

Entrepreneur First gained notoriety for its innovative approach to tech investing a decade ago, first in its hometown of London and then elsewhere. Rather than looking for interesting, scaling startups like typical VCs, it supports founders and their extremely early-stage startup ideas. In some cases, the startups themselves haven’t even materialized by the time EF writes its first check.

Its approach and success have propelled EF to a portfolio worth $10 billion spanning more than 500 firms. Now, it is unveiling its most recent round of fundraising, which will total $158 million. EF, an unconventional investor that operates more like a startup than a traditional investor, raises capital in the following manner: The money is coming in the form of a Series C, which places an estimated $560 million in value on EF.

To accelerate server data transfers, Lightbits Labs receives $42 million

“Since its introduction, NVMe has completely changed the data storage business by offering orders of magnitude better performance at a lower cost. However, the issue is that older methods of data storage do not match NVMe’s performance and affordability, according to Kirzner. The storage access and transport protocol for SSDs and flash memory is called NVMe. “[Many data centers] are monolithic centralized controller-based and were built for spinning disks, which results in inferior performance, more cost, and more complex operations. Additionally, conventional SDSs struggle to provide even a small portion of the performance and economy presently made feasible by flash storage.

With $35 million, Incredibuild expands its distributed, quick approach to game and software development

For a platform that dramatically speeds up (and lowers the cost of) the shipment of code and related collateral during building and testing, Israeli startup Incredibuild has gained a lot of traction in the gaming and software development industries. The company has now raised some money to accelerate its own development. The business has raised $35 million in a Series B round of funding, which it will put toward product development as well as strengthening its ecosystem through increased investments in community, developer relations, and cloud programs across more geographies.

Zomato buys Blinkit for $568 million as part of its quest for same-day grocery delivery

Zomato, a losing food delivery company, has acquired Blinkit, a struggling 10-minute grocery delivery startup, for $568.1 million in all-stock deal as it seeks to diversify its services at a time when its shares are trading for much less than their launch price and less than half of their all-time highs.

A $26 million Series A funding round is led by Molten Ventures for the Dublin-based corporate gifting platform &Open

We wrote about “&Open” (yep, “ampersand open,” pronounced “And Open”) last year and how it had raised $7.2 million in seed funding to make it simpler for businesses to deliver presents to consumers in order to increase engagement and loyalty. Customers who feel emotionally attached to a brand after getting presents have a 306% higher lifetime value, claims one study. &Open is in direct competition with ReachDesk and Sendoso in the same industry.

Vibrant Planet secures a $17M seed round to expand their SaaS for forest restoration

Vibrant Planet, a public-benefit startup that is creating Land Tender, was formed out of those discussions. The company refers to it as a “operating system for forest restoration,” but it is just SaaS for forest management.

In an exclusive interview with TechCrunch, Vibrant Planet disclosed that company has received a $17 million seed round, with Ecosystem Integrity Fund and The Jeremy and Hannelore Grantham Environmental Trust serving as the round’s lead investors.

With its development tools, Evinced encourages businesses to speed up accessibility and receives $38M in funding

Evinced’s goal is to make as many web properties accessible as possible, and in order to achieve that goal, the company must start working on this as early in the development process as feasible. With $38 million in additional funding, the company is continuing its “shift left” philosophy and intends to strive toward making accessible design a no-brainer.


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