World business news 10.05-17.05

Elon Musk sets sights on Twitter with unsolicited $43B takeover bid

Billionaire Elon Musk bought par of Twitter for 43 Billion dollars, making the company’s stock increase as well. He’s plans with the company are not clear yet.

Backbone nabs $14M for supply chain software inspired by mesh networks

For organizations depending on the global supply chain, forecasting, also known as demand variability, has long been a challenge. Large organizations — those with revenues ranging from $500 million to more than $1 billion — ranked variability as the top difficulty they faced in a poll done long before the epidemic began (in 2015). Predicting supply chain volatility has become increasingly challenging when pandemic-related shocks, such as increased e-commerce volume, have an impact on shipping and raw material availability.

Speckle receives $5.5 million in preliminary funding to develop an open source platform for 3D drawings

Speckle, a London-based early-stage startup, has two founders who are both trained architects and engineers, which is certainly a unique mix. It gave them firsthand experience with the challenges of sharing huge proprietary 3D files from companies like Autodesk and Trimble. They sought to make it easier for people to exchange and collaborate on these files by creating an open source platform.

Beam Impact raises $13.3 million to make daily purchases become charitable donations

Beam Impact a company that enables consumers to turn their spending into a way to support social causes, has raised $13.3 million in Series A funding led by Index Ventures. The company’s B2B2C model connects consumers with brands that are supporting social causes and allows them to donate a portion of their purchases to a nonprofit of their choice, at no cost to them. Beam is partnered with 100 brands, including Instacart, Parade, IKEA, Roots Canada and more.

DoControl raises $30 million for cloud app log-in security technologies that don’t require any coding

According to a recent Gartner analysis, cloud security is one of the major drivers among organizations making IT expenditures this year, with an expected $4.4 trillion in IT spending in 2022. DoControl, a startup that builds “no code” solutions for one aspect of the security stack – safeguarding log-ins across cloud apps — said today that it has received $30 million in funding to grow.

Luup, based in Tokyo, plans to increase the number of shared e-scooters and e-bikes by more than doubling

Luup, a shared micromobility startup, has received $8 million in loan and asset financing to satisfy the expanding demands of Japan’s micromobility market, which is expected to reach $11.6 billion in 2030, up from $39.4 million in 2020, according to a recent report.

BlueOcean has raised $30 million for its artificial intelligence-based brand intelligence platform

More than ever, the medium is the message, and brands confront a problem — but also an opportunity — to capture what consumers believe about them and their products if they can harness and better comprehend those messages, regardless of the media used to deliver them. Today, BlueOcean, a startup that claims to have developed an artificial intelligence-powered platform that can deliver those insights, announced $30 million in funding, which it would use to continue building its technology after experiencing rapid growth.

Umba, a digital bank, has raised $15 million in funding and wants to expand into three more African nations

In Nigeria, as well as the rest of Africa, there is no scarcity of digital banks. These fintechs believe that now is the appropriate time to deliver financial services to every market category, from the banked to the unbanked, as the region continues to experience tremendous rise in mobile usage and the corresponding expanding young population.

We’ve previously discussed a number of these sites. Their main pitch is to give financial services to the underserved market, which means that their consumers are practically the same. Umba, a digital banking company based in Lagos, Nigeria, recently announced a $15 million Series A fundraising round. The announcement comes roughly two years after the fintech obtained a $2 million seed investment.

Moot invests $18 million in a platform and toolkit to help firms with their e-commerce initiatives

Today, e-commerce happens anywhere a customer sees something they want, whether it’s on a company’s website or app, a social media feed, a marketplace, a search, or an ad. Today, Moot, a company that helps businesses and brands sell across all of those channels in a cohesive fashion, announced a $18 million funding round headed by Espresso Capital to help the company grow organically and through acquisitions.


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