Surrounding Yourself With Successful People

Every day when we meet someone, we unwillingly copy them. The reality of surrounding yourself with successful people you deem worthy isn’t just about motivation – it’s about unknowingly mirroring them and learning from their behavior. What you consider to be your personal philosophy, self-image, and worldview is most likely just a fusion of your parent’s, sibling’s, friend’s, and respected authority’s philosophies.

If your mother told you that talking to strangers is dangerous and you hadn’t any data conflicting this point of view, you would save that information for further reference and make it a part of your operating system. One more puzzle piece classified so your brain could put more power into solving other puzzles or enjoying the present moment.

Surrounding Yourself With Successful People

We Copy Speech Patterns

We strongly believe in the famous saying: “Fake it till you make it.” Being around successful people takes away the element of deliberate practice. For example, you won’t have to think about your posture; you will mimic it subconsciously. We advise checking this Ted Talk to learn more about the importance of body posture. 

We Copy Physical Posture

You likewise subconsciously mimic the speech patterns of the people around you. This is especially true in situations when people you respect or look upon our present. Perhaps at one point, you will even notice that your vocabulary and phrasing have become similar to that of people you fancy. 

Unfortunately, this works in both ways – you can thin out or weaken your vocabulary, and you can expand it. Guess what is the case when you surround yourself with successful people?

Two significant things happen when you enrich your vocabulary:

  • A study was done among prisoners, and scientists doing the research discovered that most prisoners have limited vocabulary. The language you use puts borders and limits on your beliefs and actions. People who are outgoing, motivated, enthusiastic, and interested in the world around them usually have an extensive vocabulary and use intricate word patterns. You will be more capable with a language of successful people.
  • New words and new ways of using the language will reflect into your “self-talk.” You are the person who talks with yourself the most, and you are also the person who says the worst things about yourself. The self-talk of successful people is significantly different from that of an average person. Successful rarely demotivate or belittle themselves. Instead, they train, pay attention and focus on their personal growth and future ahead. 

We Copy Gestures

Only 4% of the communication is verbal, which means that the words you say don’t count near as much as how you say them, and even more so, how your body language expresses them. Communication is one of the areas most successful people have mastered or at least are good at.

You will upgrade your communication skills without conscious thinking by simply being surrounded by people who can communicate better than you.

We Copy Habits

Stay around successful people long enough, and you’ll also pick up their habits. Sometimes, simple physical proximity to other people is enough to enforce a change of habits. If you’re an avid smoker, then perhaps by being around non-smokers, you might just gradually kick the habit.

Suppose you’re eating junk food in Mcdonald’s daily. In that case, you might stop that by accompanying your successful peers who usually eat in good restaurants. 

We Copy Personal Philosophies

You can’t be what you want to be without a system of conduct in your life. The way one interacts with others, talks to themselves and the world around them all contribute to how they think about themselves and it changes their actions as well. Surrounding yourself with people who believe anything is possible will make you see new possibilities too.

How does the whole “mimicking process” work to your advantage?

Simply – you don’t need to do anything specific because all the changes happen on autopilot when you are around successful people. You don’t have to train your posture, communication skills, self-talk, habits, or beliefs. The change will happen automatically because it’s how human nature works.

Once you understand why it is essential to surround yourself with successful people, your opportunities to achieve success and earn money will increase. No matter what kind of culture or country you come from, there is an unspoken “success formula” that exists. This formula appears when a certain level of energetic agreement happens between people. Some call it “the master-mind,” while others call it “good networking.” 

People Around You

You know you are in the right company when all of your friends and peers care about what’s going on with one another.

Many people say that judging a person can be done by looking at the type of people they surround themselves with, so take some time to investigate those surrounding us!

Nobody wants peers who are lazy, demotivated, jealous, or toxic. You want people who motivate you, people from whom you can learn, people who inspire you to do more. Remember – success is contagious when you hang out with successful people.

They radiate success, they gather other successful people around them, they have the answers we sometimes search for, and they set a good example by practicing what they preach. They have unending enthusiasm for whatever they are into. They are talking about things they like, reading articles and books by others who are successful and are generally happily busy. They aren’t complainers, and there’s no time for it, but they always find time for a good talk, a good laugh, and the notion of a party.


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