Startup Resources That Will Make Your Life Easier

One of the most significant challenges all entrepreneurs face is staying on top of everything. They have to respond to countless emails, make sure their website works perfectly, and be organized without being distracted by Facebook or cat videos that only add more things for them to keep up with – which are already too many! The Internet does not just enable procrastination but it also offers solutions and tools so busy people can get back on track.

Tools for Entrepreneurs

Here are the best tools for you and your business:

Communication and Coordination Tools

Coordination Tools


There’s no escaping Slack these days. Slack acts like a central station tool where everything comes together, and you can set up bots to keep yourself notified of everything happening or just to keep fun levels high with the occasional meme and GIF. 

Google Docs

Google Docs is a wonderful and essential tool for working on a file with several people. Everyone can freely add or remove text, proofread, and place comments for others to see. You can also check who else is working on the document and chat with them, so it’s an excellent tool for teams.

Project and Task Management Tools

Task Management Tools


Trello is a great way to keep your team or yourself on top of work. Every meeting will start with looking at the Trello board and end with putting down ideas in actionable tasks on that board. It has a minimalist, straightforward interface yet it’s highly customizable too so you can fit it into any workflow style!

This tool is a new flexible and customizable way to organize tasks. It can be used for anything from an email course, organizing projects, or writing ebooks- all in the same place!

SEO Tools

Answer The Public

Everybody’s searching for something nowadays, and finding the right keywords to grow your organic followers starts with knowing to what questions your target audience is looking for answers to. Answer The Public will give you visual insights into the questions most frequently asked about your topic.


Perhaps one of the best things around for organic traffic research and SEO. It can show you the backlinks of every website out there, which makes it great for exploring and investigating your competitors’ SEO strategies.

There’s also a keyword explorer, which can help to determine the keywords you should be targeting. You can use it to track your rank in search engines, in various locations, for different keywords, etc. 

User Engagement, Testing, and Tracking Tools

Tracking Tools


Kissmetrics provides user-centered analytics. This tool will assume that each visit from a particular device is from the same person. In the case of sign-in options, Kissmetrics will learn about the various devices particular users are using and assign all sessions from those devices to the same ID. Kissmetrics is very effective in filtering out potential leads from your website.


CrazyEgg is a simple yet powerful heat-mapping tool that can fill those gaps for you. It will tell you precisely where users have scrolled, clicked and which parts of the page they have spent most of their time on. 


UXProbe is an effective, remote user testing tool that allows you to have users test your website or app without you or your users having to move physically. You can set up and customize the various tasks you want the user to carry out. Both the user activities on-screen and their expressions in front of it are recorded in order to give an accurate idea of how they experience your website.

This frees you of all the trouble of inviting people, setting up the sessions, and providing all the necessary gear. After the testing session, the app provides you with useful and insightful metrics, giving you an idea of how your webpage ranks in terms of user experience, so you know exactly where and what to improve.

Finances and Accounting Tools

Accounting Tools

Intuit Quickbooks

Everybody needs to track their cash flow, and Quickbooks is one of the most used software for this job for a reason. The price is low, and it takes care of most of your accounting for you. Quickbooks can easily handle the accounting for small to medium-sized businesses without the need of hiring an accountant for your business and saving you quite a bit of money overall while providing the necessary service for your business.

Email Outreach Tools

Email Outreach Tools


MailChimp is the go-to tool for managing email campaigns. It allows creating effective email campaigns that won’t end up in your recipient’s spam box. Other than that, it has powerful analytics, email tracking, great resources on email templates, and it’s easy to integrate with other tools.


Mixmax is a tool to turbocharge your Gmail. Its frequently used for cold emailing because it sends emails directly from your Gmail. It will help you set up your email sequences and allow you to stop a sequence when a recipient finally responds to your first email.

This resource is also filled with lots of cool features to spice up your email game – slash commands, various email templates, email and click tracking, embedded surveys/polls, and an awesome meeting scheduler.

CRM and Sales Funnel Management Tools

CRM Tools


Salesflare is a tool built to automate most of your sales funnel. It automatically pulls data from sources like social media, email signatures, and company databases. Afterward, the data will be handed to you in an automated timeline, so you have everything you need at your fingertips.

There’s more – from the data it gathers, it will tell and remind you what to do about specific leads. All you have to do is write emails, attend meetings, and have coffee. It’s not quite a robot yet, but it does most of the work and thinking for you. 

Online Billing and Subscription Tools

Online Payments Tools


Stripe is the platform that will take care of your online payments. Easy to work with and excellent at handling different subscription plans. Highly flexible in its integrations and with a friendly API.

Password Management Tool

Password Management Tool


With the bunch of tools and accounts you are using, you’ll have a lot of passwords and other sensitive access data laying around. LastPass will allow you to have everything safely stored and easily accessible at all times.

Video Hosting and Viewer Analytics Tool

Video Hosting and Viewer Analytics Tool


Wistia is a convenient and well-known video hosting service provider that will offer you insightful analytics on your videos’ views and viewers. You can easily customize the video player to fit your brand and control the behavior of your video. It also has an API, so you can make various adaptations to your videos, accounts, and statistics in the back-end. Wistia is perfect for tutorials, how-to videos, and a lot more.

Content Creation Tool

Content Creation Tool


Grammarly is a must-have if you’re serious about creating great content. Grammarly will analyze a piece of text and grade it on readability, and it does so by taking into account complex sentences, use of adverbs, word styling, use of passive voice, and common spelling errors. It will also check your text for plagiarism, so you can be sure that you are original in your choice of sentences and phrases.

Graphics Tool

Graphics Tool


Canva is probably the most user-friendly graphic design tool you’ll ever come across, and it’s free. It gives you the power to create almost anything – social media graphics, banners, invitations, infographics, flyers, and business cards. It’s filled with resources and templates you can easily combine with your images. Your graphics will have never looked better.

Affiliate Marketing Tool

Affiliate Marketing Tool


A great way to avoid the hassle of trying to manage a complicated sales pipeline or marketing campaign is by partnering with other companies that specialize in those areas. By collaborating, you can focus on what your company does best and let them handle everything else!

PartnerStack makes this process very easy by providing a platform PartnerStack is a very affordable and highly effective marketing strategy. All you have to do is set up your promotional campaign, find partners who share similar interests with yours, and then sit back while Partner Stack does all the work!

Social Marketing Tool

Social Marketing Tool


Social media marketing is essential for businesses nowadays, with more and more time being spent online. However, if you have several social media accounts for your business, it can be hard to keep track of all of them. With this fantastic tool, you can easily keep track of all of your social media accounts from a single dashboard, making posting and keeping in touch with your customers a breeze.

Workflow Automation Tool

Workflow Automation Tool


If you don’t know about this tool yet, you’re missing out. Zapier is pretty much considered the holy grail of all SaaS tools for a simple reason – it can make them all work together. You can pick out your favorite tools and tell Zapier to streamline them into an effective flow. The effective engine in which every single app of your choice works together. Workflow automation is done right.

Website Builder Tool

Website Builder Tool


WordPress is the leading website builder/tool on today’s internet with many features that allow you to create your own site. Get tutorials and lessons from Youtube, making WordPress easier for beginners or people who are less tech-savvy.

Other Useful Tools

Other Useful Tools


Listening to music really helps with staying focused and productive. Obviously, this is different for everyone, but many people seem to function better with some background music. It’s a great place to find the right music for every situation. Customize your playlist, or you can let Spotify surprise you with music similar to what you like. 


Fiverr is a cheap but effective marketplace where you can find people who offer fast graphic design, translations, SEO enhancement, business cards, and anything else you could need for your business. You can also pay someone to promote your business by writing your message on their belly and doing a jungle dance – if that’s what you’re into.

7-Minute Workout

This will help you stay fit and focused with short workouts. Each workout will consist of 12 exercises of 30 seconds and with 10-second breaks. All you need is a wall and a chair, so this is the perfect workout app if you don’t have the equipment found in the gym. If you’re trying to find inspiration, doing a short workout can really help you get there. A quick workout will get both the adrenaline and the ideas flowing!

Choose Your Tools

There are hundreds of other useful tools out there, and you will need to find what works best for you. All the tools Hundreds of tools are out there to help you get ahead in business, and it is up to each individual entrepreneur’s brain as their best tool.

The ones listed above will be a great start for any company; they all have the power necessary to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true! Remember that without good computing skills – like those found with these helpful programs- running a successful enterprise becomes much more difficult.


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