How to Automate Your Business with The Most Popular Automation Tools

Automation Tools

Automation has long been one of the most important features in technology because our brains aren’t made for doing tasks over again. If they were, we’d all be working less than 40 hours per week! This is where technology comes into play to help automate repetitive tasks so that you have time to run your business efficiently. Now let’s get started using these automation tools.


Zapier is a web automation tool that can connect to virtually any application or software. In other words, if you have an account with them, then they will automate it for you! For example, let’s say your company uses Salesforce and Gmail. With this app, everything from answering emails to updating cases in the CRM happens all on its own. You may even use this for Slack channel notifications when someone mentions something relevant about your account needs or interests for instance for updating Google Sheets to track client data updates automatically based on interactions within Facebook Messenger using chatbots etc. This process makes automating tasks extremely easy while also saving time and money because of how simple it is!

Best part? It’s free with paid subscriptions for extended functionality.


If you’re scheduling meetings, then Doodle will save your life! This app allows you to schedule meeting times that work best for everyone involved without the hassle of back and forth emails trying to figure out a time that works well. Simply choose all available slots when setting up an event invite and it will send them out so people can click on the ones they prefer while also selecting any other participants who are attending or not etc. When clicking through this process, everyone’s availabilities get added within the same document which makes organizing much more efficient than traditional methods.

Best part? It’s completely free (if used internally) or $19/month if using publicly like in this case.


Wistia is the leading online video platform for business and it’s easy to see why! Their goal is to help businesses succeed by providing an extremely reliable, secure, scalable platform that allows you to upload videos quickly while also offering powerful features like analytics, etc. Over 70% of their customers say they would recommend this app which makes sense because of how helpful it can be when trying to grow your audience with engaging content.

Best part? This service starts at $99/month (if paid annually) or $199/month (paid monthly). If using internally only, then it’s completely free.


IFTTT is a web automation tool that helps connect your apps and devices with each other using “recipes” which are just pre-configured tasks. For example, you can use this for automatically updating all of your social media accounts when something important happens or even if someone posts on one of those platforms etc. It’s an easy way to automate repetitive tasks so that you have more time to focus on what matters most as opposed to running around trying to figure out things like this!

Best part? This service starts at $20/month (if paid annually) or $40/month (paid monthly). If used internally only, then it’s completely free.


Zoho is a web and mobile app that provides you with options for almost anything. You can create invoices, track sales leads or even manage projects from here! This makes managing your business much easier because it’s all in the same place which saves time when looking for things like this one example of why automation plays such an important role within our businesses today.

Best part? It starts at $12/month (if paid annually) or $24/month (paid monthly). If used internally only, then it’s completely free.

These are just some examples of how we’re able to automate tasks using different online apps and services so that we spend less time doing them and more time focusing on what matters most like growing our businesses and serving clients.


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