6 Reasons to Start your Business or Side Project

Although most of us already know that starting your business can bring you financial freedom there is more to running your operation. Things that are not always that noticeable straight away, that make it even more worthwhile to start your venture.

1. Choose The People You Work With

You can actually be in charge of choosing the people that you work with, rather than being stuck with a team that your boss put you up with and that you don’t necessarily get along with. You and you alone will decide who is going to be on the team. That way your working environment will be filled with motivated people that believe in your idea.

2. Higher Motivation and Energy Levels

When you are earning money for someone else, it is easy to settle for less and sometimes even just do the bare minimum. When you work for yourself, however, you understand that everything is in your hands and that everything you do and earn will directly impact your quality of life. Your drive is instantly higher and suddenly working for 8 hours is nothing and planning for your business while relaxing at a bar feels just right.

3. Better Creative Process and Ideas

In the corporate world, there are certain limits to what you can do, and only rarely do you find a company that will allow you to fulfill your full creative process. Even if that is the philosophy of the company, you might get stuck with a conservative manager or colleagues that are critical of your ideas. In your own business, there are no rules or limits to creativity and you can work towards your craziest ideas.

4. Finding Mentorship Is Easy

While working somewhere, finding the right mentorship might be harder than when you are running your own business. The reason for that is simple, you would want to mentor someone who is risking for himself and actually trying to make it. Sounds a bit unfair, but you would like to see that the results of the mentorship directly impact the life of the person you mentor, not his boss. A legacy thing, if you will.

5. The Respect of Other Entrepreneurs

While it might be true that a lot of people around you will be skeptical about your business and success in it in the beginning. As you move forward, you will see that running your own business can get you through a lot of doors as other entrepreneurs will respect you since they know, what it means to build a business from scratch.

6. The Learning Curve

There usually is a limited amount of what you learn while being employed. When you are running your own business you consume information on another level entirely. You have to understand different aspects of the business, learn much more. The upside is that you will also find the information much more easily because of what I mentioned above about motivation.

That all being said, there are other pros as well as cons of doing your own thing, and I am not saying that it will be easy or that you will necessarily succeed, what I am saying is that there is much more in running your own business than just money.

Martins Lielbardis
Co-Founder, CEO of Starting Business

If you have any questions feel free to reach out to me on my profile: Martins Lielbardis
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